Thursday, October 18, 2018

Set in Union Beach

Lots of progress happened in Union Beach on Tuesday! Check out the pics below to see all the hard work that goes into completing a set! 

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoorImage may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor20181016_125712.jpg

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Set in Progress!

Lots of progress is being made at Ocean City today! Here are some pics of the delivered pieces being hauled into the air and clicked into a brand new modular home!

Image may contain: sky and outdoorImage may contain: sky, cloud and outdoorImage may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Time for a New Set!

It's always fun to see a home in its first stages of construction! Here are the delivered pieces of a new house in Ocean City, being assembled today! #Selectmodularhomes #construction #OceanCity #OC #NJ#Customhomes

Image may contain: house, cloud, sky and outdoorImage may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: sky and outdoorImage may contain: sky, house and outdoor

A Beautiful Home!

We just love when the finished product is as beautiful as this one! #SelectModularHomes #NJ #Construction #CustomHomes

Image may contain: house and outdoor

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Finished Set

With the glow of the sinking sun hitting its surface, this finished house in Little Egg Harbor is making smiles for customers and neighbors alike!

Image may contain: house, sky, tree and outdoor

Lots of Work Being Done in Wildwood!

We just love when the weather is as perfect as our modular homes! Here are some pictures from Monday, of a gorgeous set being done in Wildwood, NJ!

A crane working on the roof!
A masterpiece in the making!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Lovely Testimonial

At the end of the day, our main priority is to make customers happy! Here's a lovely testimonial from the Zappala's and some pics of their beautiful new home! 

“We are so happy with our new Select Modular Home. Julia, Roseann and their staff were so helpful, always ready to answer questions. When we were having difficulty with the layout of the model we had picked, Julia jumped right in and suggested another model which filled all our requirements. Their list of suggested contractors to finish the project was
very helpful, as those companies are familiar with Modular techniques. Select Modular certainly made the whole project easy.
Thanks again, Select Modular, for a wonderful experience and a beautiful house."
Rosario & Sheryl Zappala