Saturday, October 26, 2013

One Year Later

In a few days, it will be the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, a day that we will never forget.  Being a *modular home* builder in New Jersey, we have seen the effects of Sandy first hand, & while we've seen so much destruction & devastation, we've also seen so much kindness & strength.  When a disaster like Hurricane Sandy strikes, you find out how willing people are to help each other - and the people of New Jersey proved that nothing could divide us.  We know that New Jersey will never be the same, but we'd like to think that the storm has made us stronger than ever.  One year later we're still working hard to help rebuild New Jersey, one home at a time.  We wanted to take a moment & just let everyone know that the victims of Hurricane Sandy will always be in our thoughts & prayers.  Being from New Jersey, we too have family that were affected by the storm, & we would like nothing more than to help your family any way we can.  We know that on this anniversary, many people are showing photos and videos of the devastation caused by Sandy.  We however, would like to share with you a few heart-warming images of the acts of kindness performed by friends, family, neighbors, & even strangers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.