Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer is in Full Swing!

We're so proud and excited to say that this summer has been full of new homes and happy owners! 

Congratulations to our newest home owners:

Ms. Zimnoch - a Ranch Home in Mystic Island, NJ

Mr. & Mrs. Liston - a Cape Cod in Mystic Island, NJ

Mystic Island is a beautiful shore town, and we've set many homes there in the last few years. This note we received from one of our valued customers, Mr. Cucunato, captures the allure of the town and paints the perfect picture of growing up at the Jersey Shore and continuing the tradition of owning a home there.

"Dear Julia and everyone at Select Modular Inc.,
So it all started for me in 1976. I was a 6 year old and my parents bought a house in Mystic Island. We had a house on a lagoon and a boat.  They had several houses, but sold the last one in 1992. I would still go down every now and then. Around 2005 my wife and I visited a friend's house down in Mystic. It was her first visit and she liked it there. We would visit once a year, and after a few years she wanted to get a house there. I always looked, but could not make it happen. Then in 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit and I saw an opportunity.

I wanted to build a modular, and started to do some research. I called a number of modular companies. Many of them never called me back or just sent some literature with no follow up. Select Modular was the only company that answered the phone every time I called. I designed a house, got prices and then bought a lot in Mystic. Julia and everyone at Select were helpful during every step of the process, from the first phone call to delivery day to final inspections and a little further. -- If I ever was to ever build another house, the only company I need to call is Select Modular. Thank you to everyone at *Select Modular* for a positive experience!!"

We love getting to work with people to build their dream homes and are looking forward to setting another three homes this month as well as six in August so make sure you're checking in for new project photos.