Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Modular Homes FAQs

Looking to learn a bit more about modular homes? We have you covered! We get tons of questions from clients when they're going through the process of buying a new modular home, so we thought we'd share some of these frequently asked questions with you.

Q.  What are my options for building a new modular home?
A.  Select offers three options from which to choose for starting your new home project:
      1.  Turn Key: We will be your general contractor and complete all of the work that goes into your project both before and after your home is set. The only thing you will need to do is come in to pick out all of your colors (the fun stuff!). In this case, we charge a general contracting fee on top of the cost of the home, so this is the most expensive option, but your home will be move-in ready with no work on your end. This option is best for people who are not familiar with the construction industry and/or have a larger budget.
      2.  Drop-set: With this option, you will be your own general contractor. This option not only saves you money, but offers you the chance to play a major role in how your project is completed. You may choose to do all of the work yourself, or hire your own contractors to complete the work. If you choose to have us just drop-set, you are responsible for all of the requirements that need to be met both before and after the home is set. This option is best for home buyers who are construction-savvy and want to save money on the total cost of the project.
      3.  Contract Services: This is for the in-betweeners. If you're comfortable enough to take on the responsibilities of a drop-set, but need help with just one or two portions of the project, you can hire Select to complete those specific portions only. For example, if you are comfortable finishing all of the work inside the house once it's set but need us to handle laying the foundation, we can complete that step for you. With this option, you will only be charged a contracting fee for the portions you contract to us. This option is best for people who can handle most of the project, but need a little extra help.

Q.  If I choose to drop-set, what am I responsible for?
A.  There are many steps both before and after your home is set that you would be responsible for as your own general contractor (GC). For example, you would be responsible for acquiring all necessary permits, like your county and municipal building permits, your foundation permit and your engineering permits, just to name a few. After your home is set, you are responsible for getting the house into move-in ready condition. This includes tying in your electric and plumbing, installing siding on your gable ends to complete the weathering of your home, installing your HVAC system, and much more. The extent of work that will need to be performed if you're your own GC varies from home to home, so to get the full list of requirements, you can make an appointment to speak with one of our sales representatives and he or she will perform a no-cost quote with you and then go through every requirement you will need to meet in order for your home to be move-in ready and pass inspections.

Q.  How long does it take to complete a new home?
A.  Typically, a home that is being drop-set takes three to six months to complete, and a full turn-key project takes an additional 120 days from time of set. Depending on the location in which you're building and the time of year, the time to completion may vary.

Q.  What is the largest size home can I get?
A.  We have built everything from 300 square foot additions to an 8,200 square foot home and we could build you something even bigger or something in between. The average size of the homes we sell range from 1,800 to 2,200 square feet. The possibilities are endless with modular homes.

Q.  Do I need to pick a floor plan from a book or can I design something myself?
A.  You can either choose from one of the many floor plans we offer or bring in your own custom design. Most of our clients start with one of our floor plans and customize from there, but we've also had people come in with plans from an architect. We specialize in home customization and we will help you design something that you're absolutely in love with.

Q.  What types of options are available on a modular home?
A.  There are tons of options from which to choose when designing your new modular home. You can customize everything from your front door to your flooring to your ceiling and everything in between. You can take a look at some of the options we offer in the 2015 Manorwood Homes Virtual Option Brochure.

Q.  What is the difference between a modular home and a manufactured home?
A.  "Modular homes are residences constructed entirely in factories and transported to their sites on flatbed trucks. They are built under controlled conditions, and must meet strict quality-control requirements before they are delivered. They arrive as block segments and are neatly assembled, using cranes, into homes that are almost indistinguishable from comparable ones built on-site. The term “manufactured home” is the most recent label for what were once called “mobile homes” or “trailers.” They are relatively inexpensive, small, and are held to less stringent standards than modular and site-built homes." (

That wraps up our Frequently Asked Questions for today, but please tell us if you're thirsty for more modular home knowledge! You can ask questions in the comments section, view our website for more information or make an appointment to speak with someone about your new modular home project!