Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#1 Reason Why We Love Our Jobs

We received this amazing email from one of our customers recently and had to share:

"Julia and Stephen,

 I wanted to thank all of you at Select and let each of you know how fortunate and lucky we were to have chosen Select for our new home.  We are 100% satisfied with your service and the outcome.  We absolutely LOVE our new home!  Over the past several months we have spoken to many folks in our neighborhood who have been thru nightmares with multiple different modular companies.  Although there were a few minor errors with our home in the beginning, we are SO fortunate to have selected a company that was a pleasure to work with, always followed thru and very professional.  We have told several friends how pleased we were with Select and we hope that message gets out there and that some additional business comes your way.

Thanks again for all of your hard work, help and support in helping us with our new beautiful home!

Stay In Touch!"

- Brian and Megan Mucci

Thank you Brian & Megan, this truly made our day!